Blossburg V.I.B.E. is always looking for volunteers to help out with our many projects.  There’s something for every type of people to do that helps us achieve our goals.  If you’re interested in a volunteer opportunity, contact V.I.B.E. on the Contact Us page, show up to our monthly meetings, reach out through Facebook.

Are you a:

  • Do-er: Help us to accomplish the many tasks that implementing a task takes.
  • Planner: Help us plan the execution of our projects.
  • Organizer: Get us organized.  For such a small group, we have a lot of “Stuff” that needs put in order all the time.
  • Thinker: Help us work through complex tasks at the Federal, State, or Local level
  • Grant Writer: We depend on the charity of others, help us to write a perfect grant application
  • Visionary: Help us think up the next big thing!